Slight Change of Tack

I have felt slightly constricted with this blog of late, I have not been out exploring as much as I should or could and that is a due to a combination of the weathern (tis bleddy ‘ot, just wanna be at the beach most of the time), overindulgence and braiding season. However I have been feeling an urge to write and publish other things; poetry and stories primarily, perhaps some drawings. To compound this, in a month and half I will be living in the Northeast, Durham to be exact, as I complete my Masters degree in Philosophy so once again I will not be in my county. Diversification is needed.

Unfortunately the name of the blog, something I have come to regard with something close to dislike, is of course rather limiting. The name will have to stay but I thought that perhaps I can use this as a platform for other things. I shall still be writing about my forays around my county (and others) of course and I have a few in the works although completing them has felt laborious of late, which was not the case before I went away.

I absolutely imagine some of these things will be repellent to more discerning readers and I apologise for that, ignore them, my talent in fiction and poetry is wanting, hence why I would publish them here rather than anywhere else but I certainly enjoy writing them and that, I suppose, is all I could hope to gain from the whole process.


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